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Treat yourself for your wellbeing.

For body, mind and soul.

Our Beauty & Wellness Lounge offers facial and body treatments, massages and various private spa treatments.

We look forward to your reservation
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Here is a list of our treatments
Trial offers-duration of 20 minutes each

Reiki treatment
Harmonises the energy flow and the self-healing powers are activated

Hot stone massage
For back and feet. This heat treatment helps ease tension and cramps.
Just relax and unwind!

Breuss hot stone massage
Harmonious combination of energetic and spinal massage and warm stones. Just the thing to fight against pains.

Traditional Thai massage
Healing itself at the forefront
Relaxation massage

Grape seed oil massage
For the back. The regional grape seed oil strengthens the immune system and also stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation and blood flow

Aroma oil massage
For the back. The warm oils assist in relaxation. The sensual fragrances transport you to a world of comfort and inner peace. Around 20 minutes per treatment

Singing bowls massage
Relaxing treatment with bowls that are placed on the body and their sounds work into individual body cells to aid relaxation!
About 20 minutes per treatment

Feel good massages

Feel good foot/calf massage
Treatment time: 15 minutes including rest time

Feel good neck/shoulder massage
Treatment time: 15 minutes including rest time

Feel good back massage
With firm pressure. Pre-warming of the muscles with hot stones.
Treatment time: 20 minutes including quiet time
Treatment time: 30 minutes including quiet time

Feel good whole body massage
A fascinating combination of energetic massage and a soothing effect treatment with hot stones.
Per treatment: about 45 minutes

Dorn Breuss massage
If you also have back pains, then choose the fine energetic spinal massage, it is a gentle and relaxing energizer for your back. Tissue and spinal disks will become elastic and flexible again, due to the special massage with St. John’s wort oil.
Per treatment: about 45 minutes

Foot zone massage
The foot zone massage involves a gentle pressure to the nerve endings at the feet. By massaging these areas, this helps to relieve tensions. The self-healing powers of the body are stimulated and the immune system is strengthened.
Per treatment: about 40 minutes

Herbal stamp massage
Deacidification through this herbal stamp massage.
Acids which cannot be eliminated from the body often store in the connective tissues and fat. This not only leads to slagging of the tissue but also to unsightly cellulite. Creams only help a little because the acids have accumulated into somewhat deeper skin layers.
Per treatment-whole body except face, 60 minutes
Per treatment-face only-about 40 minutes
Per treatment-legs/feet only-about 30 minutes

Ear candle treatment
With the ear candle treatment you can wonderfully escape from everyday stress. The ear candle is a physically acting natural resource.
Per treatment: about 30 minutes

Arurvedic full body oil massage Abhyanga
The Ayuvedic full body massage pampers your body and soul from head to toe. Warm oils are gently spread over the skin in circular and stroking movements. The Abhyanga nourishes your skin perfectly and makes your complexion look younger and fresher.
Ayurvedic oil massages nourish and strengthen the body’s tissues.
All internal channels open, the body is detoxified and cell renewal is stimulated.
Ayurveda Abhyanga full body-without face/head
Ayurveda Abhyanga full body-with face/head

Reiki treatment
With this Japanese art of healing energy for life is activated and strengthened. The aims is not only to improve your wellbeing but to also prevent diseases.
Reiki harmonises the energy flow, promotes relaxation, stimulates metabolism, activates self-healing powers on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
Letting go is possible when you find more and more in yourself.
Per treatment: about 60 minutes

Traditional Thai massage
The traditional Thai massage is a synthesis of passive yoga, acupressure and gentle movements
Per treatment-about 60 minutes 
Per treatment-about 90 minutes 

Specialised medical pedicure

Medic professional pedicure without foot bath (up to 30 minutes)

Medical professional pedicure with foot bath and foot zone massage (80 minutes)

Cosmetic treatments for men and women

Individual cosmetic treatment
Enjoy a customised skin cleansing
Treatments: cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation if necessary, clarifying of the skin and daily care
Per treatment: about 60 minutes 

Classic individual cosmetic treatment
Enjoy exclusive , individual facial treatment
Treatments: cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation if necessary, clarifying of the skin, eyebrow correction, exclusive relaxing massage, soothing mineral soil mask, intensive eye and lip care and daily care
Per treatment: about 90 minutes

Happy aging-individual cosmetic treatment
Enjoy tailor made treatment, individual facial treatment. Cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation if necessary, clarifying of the skin, eyebrow correction, soothing and firming mineral clay mask, relaxing facial massage without meditation, intensive eye and lip treatment and daily care with active firming complex.
Per treatment: about 2 hours

Anti-stress treatment
Enjoy exclusive, custom made face and foot treatment.
Treatment: cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation if necessary, clarifying of the skin, eyebrow correction, soothing mineral clay mask, relaxing and energetic Thai facial massage, intensive eye and lip treatment and daily care with anti stress agents and finally a relaxing foot massage
Per treatment: about 2 hours

Eyelash tinting and eyebrow tinting
€10.00 each
Or together only €18.00

You can choose between a classic manicure or with exfoliation, hand massage and paraffin bath
(price: see exclusive care) and nail polish + €5.00       
from €23.00

Exclusive care for the hands and feet
Relaxing hand or foot bath, basic scrubs, hand or foot massage & paraffin bath including intensive care products.
Basic tea and gemstone water will also be served

Hair removal with hot wax
Lower leg
Full leg
Upper lip
Bikini area
Male breasts
Male back

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