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Diversity in all respects

Whatever the season, whatever the weather

Four different saunas, located inside and outside, a steam room, plunge pool and Jacuzzi as well as a waterfall and kneipp path form the basis of our spa and wellness facilities combined with the large number of possible treatments such as aroma infusions, Turkish baths and aqua gymnastics create a mixed bag of active and indulgent moments. Also included are light games, supported by musical soundscapes and comfortable rest areas.

Features in the bathing and sauna centre

Indoor area
Pool with deck area
Vitality bar
Finnish sauna
Salt stone aroma sauna
Sauna Krähennest
Turkish bath
Ice fountain
Nude relaxation room
Outdoor area
Pool and bathing pond
Rock sauna
Nude area

Sauna centre
Finnish sauna
Perspire in the Finnish sauna at 80°C

Aroma steam room
At 100% humidity and at 48°C,  the pleasant scented fragrances work positively into the skin and respiratory tract. This is where the Turkish baths take place.

Salt stone aroma sauna
A wonderfully fragrant aroma unfolds at 60°C and at 40% humidity. The salt stones give their health promoting minerals and positively affect the respiratory system.

Rock sauna
The rock sauna is a stylish, square built sauna, which blends harmoniously into the atmosphere. An active waterfall completes the overall picture and also ensures a relaxed atmosphere. The heat is adjustable from a 45°C hot bath to a 115°C Finnish sauna. The interior ambience is colour matched to each other and is illuminated indirectly via an RGB system.

Sauna centre specials-infusions
Classic infusion (rock sauna)
Experience our infusion sauna at about 90°C with the supporting effect of the infusion with a very wide range of fragrances. In the first part of the infusion, you will perspire. In the second part, your pulse and heart rate will increase, and to conclude in the third part, you will experience what the Finns call “Löyly”, translated as “heat”. In general, the duration of the infusion is between 8-10 minutes.

Infusion of the senses (Finnish)
Out of the seven senses, four of them are specifically addressed here: touch, smell, taste and hearing. You will feel a pleasant warmth, smell the pleasant aroma fragrance, listen to relaxing music and taste a little delicacy at the end of the infusion.

Surprise infusion
Nothing is impossible…you will be surprised.

Fruit infusion (rock sauna)
The fruit infusion is practically the same as the classic infusion. During the infusion there will be a short break and fresh fruit served to you. Vitamins and trace elements indicate a renewed burst of energy. To cool off there is an invigorating ice rub down at the ice fountain.

Bedtime infusion (rock sauna)
At the end of a lovely day in the sauna, we offer our guests a particular speciality infusion. The sauna master finds an infusion fragrance to suit the mood of the evening and to share together with our guests.

Infusion to relax and unwind
With this infusion, you will experience a quiet, meditative atmosphere and mild temperatures. During the infusion the staff ask all guests to remain absolutely silent. The emphasis is on relaxation and wellbeing. The rock salts give off healthy minerals and positively affect your airway. Light therapy, according to Goethe’s colour theory, contributes to mental relaxation during the infusion period, you meditate and find yourself. Let yourself relax and recharge your batteries to help with everyday stress.
Ruby red: stimulates and improves circulation
Golden yellow: relaxes and generates security
Emerald: soothes and promotes creativity
Sapphire blue: lowers blood pressure and has a balancing effect
The infusion takes about 15 minute.

Sauna world specials- Turkish baths
Avocado and lemon exfoliation
Salt as a base material acts like a scrub, avocado provides moisture, clean grated lemon peel and fresh mint leaves leave the skin pleasantly cool.

Coconut scrub
Very suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Gossamer coconut pieces provide gentle exfoliation with a difference and the cooling yoghurt, with its high proportion of milk, restores the moisture back into the skin.

Quark grape seed oil scrub
Even in medieval times cold pressed grape seed oil was the No. 1 skin care and served as a healing oil for pharmacists. A powerful package from the seeds of grapes helps the skin to fight against free radicals that accelerate the aging process. Grape seed oil is rich in linoleum acid, which counteracts the moisture loss from the skin. In addition to the cold pressed oil, the grape seed oil contains the “anti-aging” vitamin E and the antioxidant OPC. Enjoy a wonderful bath and feel how revitalized your skin feels afterwards.

Turkish Rasul treatment
Over a period of about 15 minutes, we provide you with an extraordinary bath. At the beginning we give you sea salt, enriched with essential oils, which you can rub into your body. The salt has an exfoliating effect and makes the skin more receptive to the subsequent Reugen heating chalk, which you out on your body. The very fine snow-white material is a naturally pure, natural product. The “white-gold” Ruegen heats very well, relieves pain, has a positive effect on rheumatic disorders, joint pain, arthritis, sciatica and other skin diseases such as Neurodermatitis. The healing chalk cleanses and relaxes the skin. Finally, we present you with olive oil to care for your skin. Finish off the bath with a tea at out vitality bar.

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